10 Nov 2021

The factual entertainment series will be A+E Networks UK’s first commission from Nit Television and is due to premiere mid-2022.

Britain’s Greatest Obsessions (w/t) will see a host of top celebrities explore uniquely British preoccupations and passions to find out what makes the British tick. Each episode sees one celebrity guest presenter undertake a journey through British culture and history, to find out how and why these particular subjects have become so embedded in our collective psyche and national identity.

The stories behind each yield hitherto unknown facts from the past, as well as fascinating, funny and sometimes poignant revelations about who we are and how much, or how little, we have in common.

Featured in the series will be Harry Hill, getting under the skin of the famed British sense of humour; Chris Packham, talking about the British love of pets; Liza Tarbuck will guide us through our national obsession with all things  weather-related; Madness front-man Suggs will be our expert guide to Britain’s pastime of drinking and  fondness for pubs; American comedian Reginald D Hunter (joined by class “warrior” Alexei Sayle) will peel away the thin veneer that disguises Britain’s enduring class system and the part played within it by the Royal Family; and Lorraine Kelly will explain our continual harking back to Winston Churchill and the part played by Britain in the Allied victory in World War II.

Liza Tarbuck said: “I started my foray into the weather with the light-hearted attitude that in the UK the weather is essentially small talk. It’s anything but. Weather is everything, it governs daily choices, food, mood and history, everything and I’ve a horrible feeling that attempting to verbalise its rhythms and poetry is an idiot’s game. Hello!!”

Harry Hill said: “We in this country are so proud and pleased with our sense of humour, for some reason we see it as another thing we’ve got over the rest of the World. Where did that come from?! I’ve had so much talking to the experts and trying to find out.  From my hilarious German friend Henning Wehn to Punch and Judy man John Styles.  I have answers – and they’ll surprise you!”

Reginald D Hunter said: “One of the reasons I came to this country was because I was curious about Britain’s obsession with not liking people who look like you. I found this to be a very evolved prejudice, much better than the simple racism I was accustomed to back home. I enjoyed exploring the many nuanced layers of the class system in Britain, and I am especially grateful to Comrade Alexis Sayle for coming along for the ride!”

Suggs adds: “It’s no secret that I am a connoisseur of the pub. So, I jumped at the chance to unearth and share stories of these great British institutions….and of course accepted my duties to sample some of their delights along the way.”

The series is commissioned, and executive produced by Dan Korn, VP of Programming at A+E Networks UK, with Diana Carter, Commissioning Editor and Head of Talent at A+E Networks UK.

Dan Korn said: “I’m so delighted to be continuing our exploration of the British psyche and sensibilities in the company of such an eminent cast of comedians, artists and experts. Where else but Sky HISTORY can you get such a unique British ‘brains trust’, in which Suggs rubs shoulders with Chris Packham, Lorraine Kelly with Harry Hill, along, of course, with the sublime talents of Reginald D Hunter and Liza Tarbuck? It’s great to be working with Mob Dar and his great team at Nit TV and the Motion Content Group on what promises to be a highly entertaining and ground-breaking series.”

Britain’s Greatest Obsessions (w/t) is co-produced by Nit Television, the joint venture between Harry Hill and CPL Productions, a Red Arrow Studios company, and Motion Content Group for the A+E Networks UK channel Sky HISTORY.

Martin Oxley, Head of Formats and Entertainment UK for Motion, adds: “From cream teas to odd socks there are so many everyday elements of life in Britain that one can get ‘over the top’ obsessed about. Motion couldn’t be any more thrilled than we are to be joining NIT TV and A+E Networks UK alongside such illustrious talent in exploring 6 of the best British obsessions.”.

The Series Editor is Meriel Beale and Series Director is Marcus Liversedge. The Executive Producers are Mobashir Dar, Murray Boland, Danielle Lux and Harry Hill; the Executive Producer for Motion Content Group is Martin Oxley.

Nit Television Executive Producer Mobashir Dar said: “What a treat to be working with six fantastic hosts on such a funny and revealing series. I hope Sky HISTORY viewers become obsessed with Britain’s Greatest Obsessions!”

Britain’s Greatest Obsessions (w/t) is in production and is set to broadcast on Sky HISTORY in 2022.

BBC comissions Harry Hill’s World of TV

08 July 2020

BBC Two has commissioned new series Harry Hill’s World Of TV, produced by Nit TV – the joint venture between British comedian Harry Hill and CPL Productions.

Without any formal training, the multi-award winning Harry Hill will be taking the lid off a different genre of TV each week in the new series.

Harry Hill’s World Of TV (6×30′) is billed as being not just a hilarious lesson in TV history but also a demonstration of what is required to make each of the main TV genres, all done through Harry and his team’s ingenious and laugh-out-loud use of clips.

Episodes in the series include: Soaps – from 1954’s The Grove Family through to Crossroads, and Albion Market, to Coronation Street and EastEnders; Medical Dramas – from Dr Finlay’s Casebook through to Emergency Ward 10 and 1975’s Angels to Holby City and Casualty; Police Dramas – from Dixon of Dock Green through to Z Cars, Softly Softly to The Sweeney, The Bill and Line Of Duty; Home Improvement Shows – from 1963’s Barry Bucknall’s DIY through to Toolbox60 Minute Make Over and Changing Rooms to Grand Designs; Historical Documentaries – from Kenneth Clarke’s Civilisation through to AJP Taylor, James Burk and Mary Beard all the way to Who Do You Think You Are and Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family; and Cookery Programmes – from Fanny Craddock, through to Delia, Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef to Ainsley Harriot, MasterChef and Bake Off.

Harry Hill said: “It’s about time someone blew the whistle on how these TV shows are put together and it looks like I’m the man for the job. Watching TV will never be the same again! I predict this series of programmes will be required viewing for all students of TV. We’re talking TV landmark… jus’ sayin’.”

Mobashir Dar, Executive Producer said: “If you like Harry Hill, the world and TV, then you’ll love Harry Hill’s World Of TV.”

Kate Phillips, Controller Entertainment Commissioning at the BBC said: “Harry is the undisputed master of unearthing unintentionally funny moments and there will be plenty of them in this laugh out loud new series.”

Harry Hill’s World Of TV will premiere on BBC Two later in 2020.

Harry Hill’s World Of TV is made by Nit TV, the joint venture between Harry Hill and CPL Productions, and was commissioned by Kate Phillips, Controller Entertainment Commissioning at the BBC and Patrick Holland, Controller BBC Two. Executive Producers for NIT TV are Harry Hill, Mobashir Dar, Murray Boland and Danielle Lux and the Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Syeda Irtizaali.

Matt Lucas to helm new Channel 4 commission

16 Apr 2020

Channel 4 has greenlit new fast turnaround entertainment series Reasons To Be Cheerful with Matt Lucas, produced by Nit TV – a co-venture between CPL Productions and Harry Hill – to keep the nation entertained whilst they are at home.

Matt Lucas, the undisputed star of British lockdown and the man behind the smash hit viral sensation in support of Feed NHS, Thank You Baked Potato, is to front the new Harry Hill-penned comedy entertainment series.

Reasons To Be Cheerful with Matt Lucas will celebrate the ability of men, women, children, celebrities and possibly even some pets to entertain themselves during some self-enforced downtime.

The six-part series will premiere Sunday 26 April at 7:30pm, and see Matt host a raft of self-isolating comedians, TV personalities, musicians, sports stars and most importantly, members of the public, all from the safety of his own home.

Featuring a collection of comical comedy content from brand new sketches to upbeat homemade strands, the mutual minds of comedians extraordinaire Matt Lucas and Harry Hill promise to spread delight across the UK’s living rooms.

Reasons To Be Cheerful with Matt Lucas (6 x 30’) was commissioned by Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment and Tom Beck, Head of Live Events and Commissioning Editor for Entertainment at Channel 4. It is a Nit Television production, the joint venture between Harry Hill and CPL Productions, and the Executive Producers are Mobashir Dar, Harry Hill, Murray Boland and Danielle Lux.

BBC Three orders sketch comedy Ellie & Natasia to series

25 Mar 2020

BBC comedy has announced a full series commission for new sketch comedy Ellie & Natasia, produced by Nit TV – the joint venture between CPL Productions and British comedian Harry Hill.

The commission follows a pilot for the show last year on BBC Three, which was a hit with viewers and critically lauded, with The Guardian calling it a “fiercely funny sketch show you’ll watch over and over.”

Ellie & Natasia is written and performed by female comedy duo Ellie White (The Windsors, Pls Like, The Other One) and Natasia Demetriou (Stath Lets Flats, What We Do In The Shadows).

It’s a show that gives voice to characters like the active-wear mums and thick as pigs Trustafarians, as well as original takes on current pop trends and anxiety. It’s the perfect sketch show for anyone that shares their passion for coffee and snakes.

Ellie and Natasia said: “In the midst of a pandemic the humble sketch is a shining light of hope and we are happy and honoured to be those torch bearers, with love Ellie and Natasia.”

Harry Hill, executive producer, said: “Thrilled to hear that the BBC have rewarded the best new British double act since Vic and Bob with a series.”

Ellie & Natasia (6×15’) is a Nit Television Production for BBC Three. The producer is Olly Cambridge, the director is Andrew Gaynord. The executive producers are Harry Hill, Mobashir Dar and Danielle Lux. The commissioning editor for the BBC is Alex Moody. Ellie & Natasia was commissioned by Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy commissioning and Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three.

Broadcast details for the series will be announced in due course.

Harry Hill to host new show on Channel 4

30 Jan 2019

Comedian extraordinaire Harry Hill is to join Channel 4 for a new 11pm series that promises a combination of controlled chaos and his favourite funny people on the planet.

The as-yet-unnamed show will see Harry acting as both host and curator of his very own authored late night comedy show. Featuring a host of Harry’s favourite comedians and acts, each of the six episodes will be recorded during the week of transmission in front of an audience.

In addition to well-known and established acts, many of the performers may well be new to viewers but all will be handpicked – and approved – by Harry and introduced accordingly. Performances on the night could take the form of an interview with Harry, audience participation, regular returning comedy segments or simply taking to the floor to do their act. However, given Harry’s reputation for the more anarchic, it promises to be full of surprises.

The series (6 x 60’) was commissioned by Ed Havard, Head of Entertainment at Channel 4 and Tom Beck, Head of Live Events and Commissioning Editor for Entertainment. It is a Nit Television production, the joint venture between Harry Hill and CPL Productions (a Red Arrow Studios company) and the Executive Producers are Harry Hill, Mobashir Dar, Danielle Lux and Murray Boland.

Ed Havard, Channel 4’s Head of Entertainment said, “I’m thrilled that a huge star like Harry is excited by the opportunities in our new 11pm slot.  We’ve wanted to work with him for a very long time – he has always been a champion of new comedy talent and with Harry at the helm, the series is a fantastic chance to introduce a raft of the best new faces to Channel 4’s audience”  

Harry Hill added, “Channel 4 gave me my first break all those years ago – it’ll be great to bring some of my favourite new comics to a wider audience! Stouffer the cat’s thrilled too.”


Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule returns to ITV this April

Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule will return to ITV this April with a brand new series airing on Saturday nights.

The comedy panel show sees Harry Hill preside over two teams of celebrities tasked with saving planet earth from alien invasion!

Guests coming up in the (7×30) second series include Alex Brooker, Robert Peston, Anneka Rice, Micky Flanagan, Moira Stuart, Una Stubbs, Louis Walsh, Johnny Vegas, Sue Johnston, Anita Rani, Cannon and Ball and Chizzy Akudolu.

Highlights from the first series included Des O’Connor playing ‘chipolata or regular sausage’, local news round up, the Coventry Market sing-a-long and of course the occasional appearance of Alan the Alien.  Guests in the first series included Kathy Burke, Joe Lycett, Lorraine Kelly, Josh Widdicombe, Nish Kumar, Des O’Connor and Raleigh Ritchie.

Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule was commissioned by ITV’s Comedy Controller Saskia Schuster. It will be produced by Nit Television, the joint venture between Harry Hill and CPL Productions, a red arrows studio company with Mobashir Dar, Murray Boland, Danielle Lux and Harry Hill, executive producing.

Saskia Schuster added: “Harry’s back to save planet earth and the show is as silly as ever – in fact, this second series takes it to a whole new level of silliness! We’ve got a really varied guest list joining Harry for the new series so anything can happen.”

Harry Hill said: “May I make it quite clear that despite the rumours there is nothing ‘silly’ about this show – it is a serious attempt to solve a huge problem – how to prevent an alien invasion! All I am saying is maybe, just maybe the world can be saved with laughter.  For series 2 we’ve tweaked the format and I’m pleased to say it’s thinner than ever – I can’t wait!”

ITV recommissions Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule

Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule has been recommissioned by ITV for a second series to air on the channel next year.

The current series finishes this week and has been generating weekly average audiences of over 4 million viewers*.

The comedy panel show has seen Harry Hill preside over two teams tasked with saving planet earth from alien invasion!

Guests in the first series have included Kathy Burke, Joe Lycett, Lorraine Kelly, Josh Widdicombe, Nish Kumar, Des O’Connor and Raleigh Ritchie.  Highlights have been Des O’Connor playing ‘chipolata or sausage’, local news round up, the Coventry Market sing-a-long and of course the occasional appearance of Alan the Alien.

Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule was commissioned by Comedy Commissioning Editor Saskia Schuster and Head of Comedy Entertainment Peter Davey. Produced by Nit Television, the joint venture between Harry Hill and CPL Productions, with Mob Dar, Murray Boland, Danielle Lux and Harry Hill, executive producing.

Harry Hill said “I’m thrilled to hear it’s coming back! It was a lot of fun to make and judging by the fact that no aliens have invaded this year, it’s clearly working.”

Saskia Schuster, ITV’s Comedy Commissioner added “We’re really looking forward to finding out what Harry has in store in the next series to save earth from an alien invasion.  It can only get sillier.”

Mob Dar, Executive Producer said “Harry and the team are over the moon ITV want more Alien Fun Capsule. We’ve checked his availability, and crucially, it’s a thumbs up from Alan the Alien, too!”.1

*Thursday episode and repeat showing consolidated.

ITV commissions Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule

ITV commissions Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule

Harry Hill is to return to ITV, with a new series for 2017.

Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule is a panel show that sees Harry Hill presiding over two teams tasked with saving planet earth from alien invasion! Each team must find clips, people, basically anything that is fun or funny enough for Harry to place in a capsule which, in the event that we’re invaded by aliens, we can present to them to demonstrate earthlings are good fun and therefore worthy of saving.

Over a series of rounds, the two teams of two present Harry with fun stuff which Harry must adjudicate on and ultimately decide what’s in and what’s out of the Fun Capsule with the triumphant team winning bragging rights.

Along the way there will be sketches, studio items and special guests. And the occasional appearance of an alien.

Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule was commissioned by Comedy Commissioning Editor Saskia Schuster and Head of Comedy Entertainment Peter Davey. It will be produced by Nit Television, the joint venture between Harry Hill and CPL Productions, with Mob Dar, Murray Boland, Danielle Lux and Harry Hill, executive producing.

Harry Hill said: “It’s great to be back on ITV with an all new format that finally tackles the problem of an imminent and prolonged war with space aliens, by proving to them that us humans are really a lot of fun to hang out with!”

Saskia Schuster added: “We’re really excited to have Harry back on ITV, and we’re confident that the human race will be safe in his hands with this brand new panel show packed with laughs, silliness and of course, fun.”

CPL strikes exciting, new joint venture deal – NIT TV – with award-winning comedian Harry Hill

Celebrating two series deal with Sky and scripted development deal with BBC
7 April 2016, London – BAFTA-winning independent television and radio production company CPL Productions and multiple award-winning comedian and author Harry Hill announced the launch of Nit TV today.

The new joint venture will see CPL Productions and Harry Hill growing the company together, with CPL acting as the production company for all programmes.

The first commission on their slate is for a two series deal (8 × 30’) with Sky for comedy cookery show Harry Hill’s Tea-Time – a programme featuring Harry’s usual brand of madcap family friendly fun with special star guests.

Celia Taylor, Head of Non-Scripted Commissioning and Richard Ackerman, Commissioning Editor, at Sky, have commissioned the series. Executive Producers are Mobashir Dar, Murray Boland and Danielle Lux for CPL Productions / Nit TV.

Nit TV has also tied up a script development deal with the BBC for a sitcom created by, and starring, Harry Hill. Based on his best-selling comic-memoir, Livin’ The Dreem: A Year In My Life…Probably, it promises a heady mix of tall tales from Harry’s life at home with his mum and even taller tales of celebrity encounters from the centre of the showbiz whirlwind, Bexhill.

Harry Hill commented today: “It’s great to be working with Danielle and Murray at CPL and finally finding a permanent home for all my TV ideas. This new teatime show is a natural fit for Sky – we’re both risk takers! The sitcom idea is one that’s been bubbling under for a while and I’m looking forward to working with Shane Allen at BBC Comedy who’s been a great supporter of mine.”

CPL Productions Managing Director Danielle Lux commented: “We’re overjoyed to be collaborating with Harry Hill, one of the UK’s most popular and unique performers over the last two decades. His creative vision and irreverent approach is a perfect fit for CPL.”

CPL Productions Creative Director Murray Boland added: “We love Harry and these fantastic deals with Sky and the BBC are just the start of a dynamic and lively future for Nit TV.”

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About CPL Productions
CPL is one of the most successful independent TV and radio production companies in the UK. The company’s output spans primetime entertainment, comedy and factual entertainment. An impressive roster of hit shows includes Sky One’s BAFTA-winning A League Of Their Own, ITV1’s Off Their Rockers, Channel 4’s Married At First Sight, and BBC One’s Decimate. CPL is currently filming its first drama commission, Brief Encounters, for ITV – set in the early ‘80s, the six part series introduces Steph, Nita, Dawn and Pauline as unlikely entrepreneurs who begin to sell exotic lingerie – to the dismay (and often delight) of their loved ones – starring Sophie Rundle, Angela Griffin, Sharon Rooney and Penelope Wilton.

CPL Productions is part of Red Arrow Entertainment Group (a ProSiebenSat. 1 Group company).

About Harry Hill
Harry Hill is a multiple award-winning comedian and author who has created some of the most successful TV shows of the last two decades including Harry Hill’s TV Burp, collecting three BAFTAs, eight British Comedy Awards and a Golden Rose of Montreux along the way.