Britain’s Greatest Obsessions

Sky History

In this new series, some of Britain’s favourite stars explore some uniquely British preoccupations. Suggs from Madness has a very personal take on the history and community spirit of Pubs, Liza Tarbuck investigates our obsession with the Weather and what it means to talk about it so much. Comedian Harry Hill delves into Humour and why we think the British have the best sense of humour in the world.  Lorraine Kelly guides us through World War 2 with a view to separating the myths from the facts, and Reginald D Hunter turns his attention to social Class including a very honest chat with comedian Alexei Sayle.  Naturalist Chris Packham focuses on Pets, finding out how animals went from working for us to entering our homes as companion animals.   

Each one hour sees one host take us through the history of these obsessions and explain why – all these years later – we’re still mad about them. Using extensive archive and candid interviews with experts and fellow obsessives, this is a comprehensive and entertaining look back through history.  

All six hosts appear in every episode, chatting together amongst themselves about that week’s obsession. This conversation weaves in and out of the show and is fascinating: personal, funny – and incredibly honest.